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Digital Art

Digital Art, also know as a Computer Art, is a field of Media Art, which gained popularity over recent years as this is a method whereby a painting or an artistic object is created digitally. Hence the use of computer as an artistic medium is imperative. With computer graphics software programs that make use of a virtual supply of brushes and colours, the artist manages to create virtual paintings, which are considered to be digital artworks.  In such art, the specific visual characteristics of digital paintings will depend on the software. This includes the texture, embossing, symmetry, and other key aspects. Digital painting programs are often very specialized as they attempt to mimic physical media. There are various software programs digital artists use, most of which are quite advanced. The main difference between Digital Art and traditional painting lies in the non-linear process, and the possibility to undo and redo strokes. There is also a wider range of tools that can be used, and obviously differences in the surfaces. On the other hand, Digital Art also includes works that deal with the Internet (Net Art) and use it as a material and forum at the same time. There are different forms of Digital Art, including Digital Photo Art, Digital Animation, and Video Art.

Many art collectors are appreciating the beauty and uniqueness that Digital Art can offer. It is important to know how to choose well designed Digital Art, particularly since this form of art is becoming increasingly popular and one would want to buy original and high quality Digital Art. Among the most popular types of Digital Art are Digital Photographs, Digital Paintings and Digital Collages.

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