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Fine Art Photography

What is Fine Art Photography?

Fine art photography, or Artistic photography, or Photographic Art is yet another form of artwork that is greatly appreciated by many art lovers and collectors. The photographer’s main intention was to capture the beauty or aesthetic appeal of that image. Artistic photos are often used in photocollages and photomontages, and their value is often very high as there is a lot to appreciate in what has been captured. Photography developed dramatically over the years, and as a result the field of fine art photography is a much diversified one. The effect of photography on the world of art is a very interesting one. Over the years there were many who questioned the value of photography as an art. There were many painters especially who felt that since photography was the product of a mechanical device, then it should not be considered as a form of art. There were then those who saw value in it, but only as a medium that could be useful to other art disciplines, and not per se. Then there were those who believed that photography was quite similar to art prints, and it could be considered as a work of art. The development of fine art photography started round about the 1850s, and despite different viewpoints, nowadays many agree that photography is indeed a fine art discipline. There are many renowned museums who have sections dedicated purely to photographic art, and many like to buy fine art photographs to add to their artwork collections.

Buying Fine Art Photographs on Artquisite

If you are an avid fine art photography collector, on Artquisite you will find some of the most beautiful and creative photographs on the market. There are numerous black and white photographs of great artistic value, along with all kinds of art for sale in our online art gallery.

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