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Moderne Kunst

Modern art or Modernism, started to gather pace in the mid 1800s. There was a refusal to traditional styles, and artists deliberately started to introduce new styles. There was more experimentation not only in the style, but also in the materials and techniques used. The aim was to come up with art that would be able to reflect the modern times society was going through at the time, and so the term modern art started to be used in order to describe this period. There are several different styles which fall under the umbrella of Modern Art, but the underlying principle of them all is the fact that the conservative styles were basically being rejected so as to make way for more current and innovative ones. Artists started to move towards more abstract images, and placed more emphasis on materials and techniques. By the 1960s Modern Art was the main form of art, and it was later followed by Postmodernism.

Modern Art included: Impressionism, which typically depicted scenes from everyday modern life, Post Impressionism, where there were more definitive forms and fewer colours to express emotions. Realism, which showed reality, often in a crude manner, Cubism, which was made from paintings that looked somewhat abstracted and fragmented. Fauvism, which was characterized by bold strokes and vibrant colours.

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Modern art is a very broad term and there are many artists who crated works of art which can be described as modern. For those who would like to find a diversified range of modern paintings, Artquisite offers a great possibility to do this. As an online art gallery that has the main aim of offering diversity and value, art collectors and art lovers are going to have a field day as they browse through the numerous modern art for sale in our gallery.

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