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„La Dolce Vita“

Italy is and always has been a place Germans long for. The Italians have mastered the art of enjoying life. The “made in Italy” seal of approval for architecture, art, fashion and design is still highly regarded. It bespeaks a unique approach to style, beauty and emotion.

This adulation dates back to the Middle Ages. However it did not end with the Renaissance and Baroque. It persists. In the 20th century, Italian artists were still creating works of art with international importance. This short list serves as a reminder of important Italian movements from the 20th century: Futurism, Metaphysical Art, Novecento, Plastic Values, Realism, Spatialism, Informale, Arte Povera and Transavantgarde.

The Italians were the vital trailblazers in all genres from the Middle Ages onwards. That is the case for architecture, as well as for painting and sculpture. Be it in terms of colour or the use of perspective. Even today, Italy continues to play a pivotal role on the global stage in modern and contemporary art.

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