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Risonanze Martini

Sandro Martini was born to Greek-Syrian parents in Livorno in 1941. At the beginning his artistic work was contingented on an instinct way of painting which finally led to an expanded painting concept..


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Online security and data protection

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Certificate of Authenticity

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Risonanze - Quantità Guara', Original (2010)

Sandro Martini




Mixed Media


135 x 95 cm

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    Risonanze - Quantità Guara', 2010
    Mixed Media mit Glas und Tinte auf Holzplatte
    135 x 95 cm

    Sandro Martini was born to Greek-Syrian parents in Livorno in 1941. At the beginning his artistic work was contingented on an instinct way of painting which finally led to an expanded painting concept..


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